Julia J GibbsI’m a freelance writer, who holds degrees in Philosophy and Psychology with a M.S. in Counseling Psychology. That usually means I love movies that everyone else hates. Bring on the deep meaning that has the horrible ending anytime, this girl will love it.

I met the cutest fisherman in college and he became the greatest pilot in the Army. He even has a certificate for this grandiose achievement. I made it on my computer, but it’s still legit. Together, we have three amazing children and our golden-doodle Herman. Herman makes the least amount of mess around the house, and doesn’t cry when he gets the same food day after day…so he is pretty much my favorite.

I’ve moved 21 times to three different countries, and nine different states, but for every holiday or important event in life, I head to Sweet Home Alabama. Though we live in a hundred different houses, and worship at a hundred different churches, my roots will always be in Alabama. So, the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, the country roads will lead me home.

I wrote the Oaks Remain, over the course of a very manic year. It is a story I have known my entire life, told to me through the word, my family and life’s experiences. The story wrote itself each day as I opened my computer and watched the characters come to life. Every character is loosely based on someone I know, or have sat beside on a park bench. Every name has a deeper meaning and every character has a purpose. My hope is that you will see this book for what it is…a conversation about the core questions that call us into humanity. Who am I? What am I? Who created me? What is my purpose? This is the story about the journey through the mysteries that make up the depths of life.