“My hope is that you will see this book for what it is…a conversation about the core questions that call us into humanity. Who am I? What am I? Who created me? What is my purpose? This is the story about the journey through the mysteries that make up the depths of life.” -Julia J. Gibbs

“The Oaks Remain” is an engaging page-turner that creates a fantasy world so real, you feel you are living inside the pages. Veralee’s journey is a fast-paced epic that as a theologian can be pulled apart, layer-by-layer to see the deeper meanings of life.”
– Dr. E. Andrew Blackmon (Pensacola, FL)

“A heart-stirring saga that touches every part of human existence, carrying you through passion, pain, mystery and triumph, leaving you speechless in the end…the Oaks Remain is a true pleasure to read.”

-Dr. Thomas Childs, author of Christian Logic series, founding pastor of LifePoint Church (Haslet, TX)

“The Oaks Remain is a boldly imaginative, apocalyptic coming-of-age story that makes thoughtful readers reconsider our assumptions about tradition and loyalty, personal responsibility for one’s life and—especially—the choice and the value of love. Highly recommended!”

-Janell Walden Agyeman, Literary Agent/Publishing Consultant