With 15 years’ experience, Julia has spoken nationally and internationally to a wide variety of audiences, including women’s events, parenting and adoption events, civic organizations, youth events, and military events. Her heart is in women’s Bible studies and cups of coffee so deep that it takes hours to drink them with great friends. Her unique combination of humor, touchable story-telling style and layered depth creates an unforgettable experience. After speaking she often hears an attendee say, “My stomach hurts because I have laughed so hard and cried so deeply.”
Julia’s work has been published in the award-winning book, Stories Around the Table Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life. She wrote “Our Hearts Are Big Enough,” a story about the adoption of her son Moses from the Democratic Republic of Congo. For more information on this book go to

Julia’s stories have been featured in several newspapers and magazines. Her story, Coming Home, was recently highlighted in Military Spouse Magazine.


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