11082309_10206506299523003_6624085835949736588_oSIMULACRUM: THE OAKS REMAIN

By Julia J Gibbs


In a world divided by blood and race, Veralee Harper comes of age under the guardian oaks of her family’s isolated plantation in southern Alabama. Red Oaks stands frozen in time, a haven for Simulacrum people for generations, against the chaotic world of the Friguscor. Life quickly unravels when her own split second decision breaks the Simulacrum law she is bound to keep. The blood moons have begun, the watchers have returned and war with the cold-hearts, the Friguscor seems inevitable. As she struggles to reconcile deep love for her family and loyalty to her people with the reality she is coming to know and the love she finds for a mysterious man, she realizes she is marked by more than the tseeyen on her arm. Many have a plan for Veralee Harper, but only she can decide which way it will end.

17361442_10212572928464935_1582111111_nSIMULACRUM BOOK 2: THE HORIZON BETWEEN

By Julia J Gibbs


At the beginning of time, an act of hate and revenge altered humankind forever. One people became two—the Friguscor and the Simulacrum—each believing they were betrayed by the other. For years they remained separate and hidden, but world events now threaten to destroy them both. Can the actions of three women bring those factions together and restore peace to their world?
The Harper sisters, Veralee, Ausley, and Adair, could only watch as their family and their lives were ripped apart. Banished from her people, the Simulacrum, Veralee must leave to pursue the dark and dangerous truths revealed by her dreams, accompanied by Atticus, a man who has seen millennia come and go. Ausley follows her compassionate heart into the forbidden world of the Friguscor, desiring to fight the diseases that rage there; while Adair remains to defend the sacred trees, keep the laws and protect the traditions of Red Oaks, the Harper family plantation.
It will not be easy for any of them. Mysterious gates have been opened; strange alliances have been formed, and a new and powerful enemy emerges. Veralee, Adair, and Ausley each struggle to make sense of a chaotic world, where the principles they believed all their lives may no longer be true.

The Horizon Between is the second of the landmark Simulacrum series; a dystopian trilogy that combines vivid romance and adventure with deeply researched allegory and eschatology. This is a new kind of tale. Fantastic, yet centered in truth; imaginative and fresh, but grounded in ancient belief, it is a modern classic in the making.


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